Building a home you’re proud of is so much more than just making something that’s attractive. There’s a need to build it better and use materials that could inspire awe from anyone. Over a third of consumers say they’d go out of their way to get something that’s more sustainable and green, so it only makes sense to build a property that can offer that!

These are the best sustainable and durable materials for your next home construction.

A Roof That Will Look Great and Last
Every roof is the most important part of the structure they’re on. With a shabby and poorly-constructed roof, your house is more likely to see leaks and issues. Thankfully, there are countless sustainable and durable options for a roof that will last and look great.

The top contenders are slate roofing and wood shakes and shingles. Although the wood roof can be more attractive and lend a more natural look to the house, the slate outperforms it by far. Slate, when well maintained, can last well over eighty years and adds a lot of value to whatever property it’s on.

Flooring That Can Power Through
Your floors need to be able to handle anything! This means when someone’s moving in, they won’t have to worry about scuffing or ruing the floor, and that they’ll be able to use the flooring as comfortably as possible while still finding it attractive.

In recent years cork has become incredibly popular, but bamboo and sealed concrete are also fantastic contenders. Think about the look you want the property to have, and work on making the floors match that while lasting as long as possible.

Siding That Can Handle Anything
Your siding should be gorgeous and strong. Siding protects your house from the elements and gives it the appearance people will recognize first when describing the home. Steel board and batten siding have become increasingly popular because of how long it lasts, how sustainable it is, and how attractive it is.

If you want your property to stand out, consider going for an alternative to vinyl siding. Check with your local HOA, if there is one, before going for any bizarre or fun colors, but consider what your future customers would want to see. 

Make sure to insulate between the siding and home as well to keep energy costs incredibly low and allow the house to feel like a secure space. 

Insulation You’ll Be Proud Of
Insulation has dozens of different jobs, from regulating temperature to stopping moisture and keeping insect life and noise at bay. If you want your home to be as safe and comfortable as possible, it’s vital that it’s full of high-quality and sustainable continuous insulation.  

The best kind that’s been gaining more popularity recently is sheep’s wool. This type of insulation is easy to source, affordable, and keeps your home as comfortable as possible. As a species, we’ve been using wool for over 12,000 years, so having it as part of your home makes sense!

Finishing Touches That Have Texture
Texture can take a property a long way, giving it a classy and attractive look regardless of how expensive it is. Adding some manufactured stone veneer allows your property to look more natural while also being built out of better materials.

Other ways you can add texture is by using reclaimed wood, white shiplap, or even bamboo throughout the home. Each of these materials has an iconic and recognizable texture and pattern. 

Tools That Keep Moisture Out
Moisture is extremely dangerous to any home, especially when it’s still in the construction stages. To keep moisture out, use tools like a damp-proof membrane, water-resistant paint, and high-quality insulation. If you’re in an area that deals with a ton of rain and is at risk of flooding often, you may want to consider adding great drainage through the home and even possibly a sump pump as an emergency backup. In some southern cities, this can increase value.

A Great Base You Can Build From
Two of the best bases that save time, are sustainable, and are incredibly durable to work from are precast concrete and stone! Both of these give you a chance to work with a basic form you can trust and move forward from there. These are strong, quick to put together, and have been increasingly popular in recent years.

With a stone structure, you can use whatever’s left from the building in-home finishes, like countertops or a backsplash in your kitchen. Both of these materials are an awesome choice for any homeowner.

Home Construction is a Big Deal!
Whether this is the first home you’ve ever built or you’re simply trying to ensure you get more sustainable materials this time, it’s important to keep up with current trends. Consider using some of these durable and sustainable materials for your next chrome construction.

Todd Gillman is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on remodeling and construction. He lives in Land O’ Lakes, Florida where he enjoys spending time with his wife and researching building industry trends in his free time. Todd’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource.