Arizona Building Technologies Services

3D Building Scanning in Arizona

3D Laser Scanning of Buildings in Arizona

Sumer Innovations, a pioneer in Arizona Building Technologies services, leads the market in 3D building scanning and design in Phoenix, AZ. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our expert engineers and designers create highly accurate 3D scans for clients to make informed decisions about repairs, renovations, and improvements.

Why must a structure be scanned in three dimensions?

Large-scale construction projects are difficult to complete without precise models of existing buildings and other huge structures. Such models have traditionally needed extensive and time-consuming physical measurements. Nevertheless, the introduction of 3D scanning technology has significantly increased the procedure’s speed and accuracy.

Scan the whole structure using 3D technology as opposed to gathering time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate measurements. At Sumer Innovations, we provide cutting-edge 3D scanning services in Arizona at a reasonable cost, resulting in precise and thorough architectural models.

Arizona Building Technologies Services

Why Choose Arizona Building Technologies?

Our 3D building scanning services provide an unparalleled degree of precision and granularity, allowing our customers to make informed design choices. Whether you want a model of your structure for documentation, maintenance, or any other reason, our 3D scanning services will provide you with the most accurate depiction possible.

We are also aware of the challenges associated with printing a building model without the necessary resources. Thus, our 3D modeling services provide a simple answer.

At Sumer Innovations, we strive to surpass every client’s expectations. No one generates more precise, thorough, and cost-efficient building plans than our team of experienced engineers and architects. Our customers get the best value for their money as a result of our quick response times and competitive prices. Call us immediately to discover more about our firm and how we can meet your building modeling requirements.

Details on Our Arizona Building Technologies Offers

In Phoenix, AZ, our Arizona Building Technologies services offer tailored 3D building scanning solutions to meet specific customer needs. Choose from the following scanning and design options:

  • Three-dimensional scanning of the inside and exterior
  • Regional investigation and mapping
  • Visualizing three-dimensional space
  • Elevations, sectional views, and floor plans.
  • Graphics and animations in three dimensions
  • Connectivity and global growth.

Our clientele at Sumer Innovations range from individuals to multinational companies. Our headquarters are located in Colorado, but our licenses allow us to do business in almost all 50 states. Due to our worldwide group of engineers and designers, we are able to serve customers in any part of Arizona quickly and effectively. We provide our customers a vast array of knowledge in a variety of sectors, including building design, structural engineering, cutting-edge technology, fine art (painting and sculpture), and others.

The benefits of choosing Sumer Innovations

Partnering with Sumer Innovations for your 3D building scanning and design requirements provides a number of advantages.

  • Costs and response times are fair.
  • Detailed and precise visualizations and 3D models.
  • Engineers and architects with years of design and building expertise who know what they’re doing.
  • Software and hardware innovations, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
  • By the use of engineering outsourcing and a worldwide network of qualified freelance engineers, we are able to communicate with customers from across the world.

FAQs about Arizona Building Technologies Services

How might 3D scanning a structure benefit my project?

Ans. The exceptional degree of detail and precision provided by 3D building scanning allows customers to make educated choices about the condition and design of their buildings. It may save expenses, boost productivity, and enhance communication amongst all project stakeholders.

How long does it take to complete a scan and design?

Ans. The time of scan and design is proportional to the breadth and complexity of the project. Nonetheless, our rapid turnaround times and methods guarantee that our customers get their designs on time every time.

How much do you charge for 3D building scanning and design?

Ans. Our charges vary based on the size and complexity of each project. Nonetheless, our prices are among the most competitive on the market, and we continually seek to maximize our customers’ return on investment.

Where can I even begin with 3D scanning and design services for construction?

Ans. Just reach out to us through our website or by phone to begin using our services. If you give us the chance to learn about your project, we will come up with a solution that fulfills your requirements.

Arrange a consultation to learn more about our building scanning services. For further information, please call (720) 239-2233 or email us at [email protected]


3D Modeling in Arizona

Consider the future!

With precise three-dimensional building designs and models

Have you ever imagined a structure before it was constructed? Seen every minute feature, pillar, room, interior design, and landscape, and felt its presence almost physically? Visualize the structure you desire to build or modify as you envision it. With Sumer Innovations’ 3D building modeling, you may envision the structure prior to its construction.

Using our 3D building modeling services, we visualize future structures virtually. Arizona’s premier source of 3D building modeling services. Our professional team includes licensed structural engineers, home designers, interior designers, and architectural designers. Our range of services comprises 3D architectural modeling, 3D structural modeling, and CAD design. With expertise in the construction business, we offer innovative and cost-effective building design solutions.

3D Modeling All Services Image-1

3D Building Modeling Services

Our 3D modeling services are intended to give you with a complete, accurate, and comprehensive representation of your construction projects, from buildings to bridges.

3D Structural Modeling

The key to the success of the construction project is the 3D modeling planning, which is a time-consuming procedure requiring specialists to assure an exact and error-free design. Using the most advanced 3D structural design and analysis software, Sumer Innovations models and simulates building behavior prior to construction.

Our software and technical expertise are used to accurately comprehend the behavior and design of buildings. Our software, including RISA 3D, Autodesk Robot, and SAP2000, accelerates the design procedure and reduces inconsistencies and mistakes.

Architecture Modeling in Three Dimensions

Sumer’s 3D architectural modeling services are utilized by commercial and residential structures to maintain quality requirements. Our 3D modeling offers precision and command to architects and contractors. At Sumer Innovations, we first create a virtual model of the structure that can be accessed from any device. This effective visual tool for communication, decision-making, and execution guarantees project success.

Modeling and Coordination in BIM

The BIM modeling and coordination services provided by Sumer Innovations facilitate seamless collaboration between MEP engineering, structural engineering, and architectural planning. It examines transdisciplinary models and identifies potential conflicts and problems. Our staff provides BIM support and assistance so that you may concentrate on design and production.

CAD Drafting Assistance

We have 2D drafting and drawings based on your 3D design models, allowing you to concentrate on the fundamental components of your designs. Our support for detailing ensures results by ensuring the design purpose is met.

Computerization and Programs

Sumer Innovations optimizes your engineering process by integrating the greatest software and engineering with considerable automation knowledge. Our next-generation product models are built with rules that automate the majority of engineering operations, thereby saving time and giving new projects a head start.

Why Should You Select Sumer Innovations?

We recognize that the responsibility of the building industry is enormous. Detailing a well-designed construction plan with precise modeling and planning requires considerable time and work. The architectural design and precise 3D model can considerably reduce the likelihood of costly errors occurring late in the project’s development.

Our wealth of expertise and experience allows us to offer the most cost-effective construction design solutions on the market. Our modeling services produce a visual representation of the future project’s scope while drastically accelerating project execution.

Advantages of Working with Sumer Innovations

Guarantee project success using Sumer Innovations by performing the following:

  • Personalized architectural design services
  • Software for advanced 3D modeling and CAD design
  • A group of professional and experienced structural engineers and architects
  • Prompt and effective services at the lowest price on the market
  • Construction sector commitment to efficiency and sustainability
  • Vast network and geographic coverage throughout the United States.


1. What services are offered by Sumer Innovations?

In addition to design and engineering services, we offer 3D architectural modeling, 3D structural modeling, CAD design, and design and engineering services.

2. What distinguishes Sumer Innovations?

We recognize that an accurate and comprehensive 3D model is essential for the project’s success. Our specialists utilize cutting-edge technologies to provide rapid and effective service at the most competitive costs on the market. And are committed to the quality and success of the final product.

3. How much do the services of Sumer Innovations cost?

Our service fees vary based on the extent and complexity of your design requirements. Following the initial briefing, a quote is offered. We offer clients the best available services at the lowest price on the market.

Let us help you stay ahead of the competition with our building design skills, experience, automation, and software solutions. Call us immediately to arrange a consultation and obtain an estimate for our services.

Schedule a consultation now. Contact Information: (720) 239-2233 | [email protected]