RISA 3D ViewFarm Building Architecture

Our cutting-edge approach employs advanced 3D modeling for structural design and analysis in a 45,000-square-foot industrial steel building in Louisiana

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Innovative design for a 2720 SF Chipotle building in Pahrump, NV, merging architecture and structural engineering expertise for an exceptional dining experience.


The custom 3,300 SF home's structural design maximizes efficiency with ICCF and LiteDeck concrete slabs, ensuring durability and energy efficiency.


Comprehensive design for a 750-square-foot detached casita, featuring 3D rendering and site planning to bring your vision to life.


Reviving a historic home with remodeling, repairs, and restorations. Full architectural and engineering services ensure compliance with modern building codes.


Crafted engineering design drawings for an exquisite 2,100 sq ft mountain cabin, blending aesthetics with functionality for a serene escape.


Complete architectural and engineering services for a 3420 sq ft Colorado home, skillfully enhancing mountain views with enlarged, stunning openings.


Efficient 3600 sqft floor plan for a commercial space transition from a travel agency to a merchant space to meet permitting requirements.


Delivering excellent structural design drawings for a 5,200 sq ft custom home in Henderson, NV, ensuring excellence in every detail.


Comprehensive MEP engineering design drawings for a 4200 sq ft custom home in Clear Creek, CO, ensuring top-notch systems integration


Detailed engineering design drawings for a two-building project in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. This comprehensive effort encompasses a 4,900 sq ft auto repair shop with CMU walls and wood trusses, in addition to a 6,000 sq ft wood-framed retail building. The design ensures that every aspect meets the highest standards of safety and functionality.


Modern luxury meets structural precision. Our team delivered state-of-the-art structural designs for a unique 10,000 sq ft home in Henderson, NV


Comprehensive design services for a 3,700 sq ft home remodel in Scottsdale, AZ, showcasing excellent collaboration and precise drawings and designs.


Crafting engineering designs for hillside retaining walls and framing of a 6800 sq ft custom home in Littleton, CO, ensuring structural integrity and safety


Designing a 5,032 sq ft support building in Southern Nevada, attached to an existing chapel, featuring a social hall, kitchens, offices, and storage for pre and post-congregation events.


Designing conceptual blueprints and 3D models for a 36-acre outdoor venue in San Bernardino, CA, highlighting stage, amenities, and parking


Precise designs of a 20' x 28' hillside cabin, delivering detailed engineer plans (structural, mechanical, and plumbing) for Yavapai County, AZ building department approval


Creating innovative architectural design for a 4,500 sq ft modern-style custom home in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas


Developing an innovative, sustainable steel container home design in Arizona for cost-effective and eco-friendly housing and construction solutions. Creativity meets sustainability.


Proud to offer sustainable rammed earth engineering design services as an integral part of a comprehensive project dedicated to creating numerous eco-friendly buildings throughout the stunning terrain of New Mexico. Our commitment to environmentally conscious and locally-sourced building materials ensures that these structures not only harmonize with the natural environment but also contribute to its preservation.


Creative and versatile room addition in Denver, CO, is above the garage with exterior stair access for Airbnb or guest use, meeting homeowner's accommodation needs


Structural & MEP engineering designs for a creative ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) project in Las Vegas, NV


Structural and MEP engineering design review for a stunning wooden dome structure in picturesque Sedona, AZ


Designing three exceptional buildings: C-Store (3,500 SF), Fast Food (1,100 SF), and Tavern (4,700 SF) using conventional wood and steel framing systems


Produced comprehensive structural engineering plans and calculations for a 40'x50' metal building, ensuring safety, stability, and compliance.


Design a 5-unit single-family housing project with 2-bed, 1-bath homes featuring 2-car garages below living spaces for efficient living