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Collaborating Structural Engineering with Sustainability for the Future


The field of structural engineering is a subset of civil engineering. Current structural engineering approaches may accurately evaluate the impact of different shapes and materials on the load-bearing capacities of a structure. A robust structural design ensures the security of all constructions. It may be accomplished by assessing the foundations, walls, beams, roofing, and quality of the materials.

Sumer Innovations uses realistic and industry-leading structural engineering methodologies. Our team of licensed and experienced structural engineers and designers offers technical help for a range of building and restoration projects, including loft conversions, basement constructions, and structural modifications. All you have to do is request a quote. A member of the structural engineering consulting services team will contact you soon.

Most Sustainable Design Structural Engineers in the United States

What do design structural engineers do? They make 2D and 3D models of buildings and structures using computer-aided design technology. Through design, a structural engineer may establish safe and cost-effective criteria for load-bearing structures. It involves establishing cross-sectional dimensions, material grades, reinforcing levels, and other particulars.

At Sumer Innovations, we hire only the most skilled structural engineers with US licenses. They have integrated creative ideas with a pragmatic perspective. The group produces sustainable structures using materials that consume less energy, produce less carbon emissions, and are long-lasting.

Why Choose Us?

Why is Sumer Innovations considered one of the top structural engineers in the United States? These are the explanations:

  • Our experts develop 3D structural blueprints in order to give you with a complete image of the structure.
  • We do site inspections and property surveys as part of our comprehensive service.
  • Our architects and engineers are well-versed in eco-friendly construction practices.
  • We prioritize the delivery of sustainable, secure, and cost-effective structures.
  • We have created approaches for the implementation of effective mitigation measures.
  • Our crew is current on the most latest structural design innovations and techniques.
  • Our reaction time is quite swift.
  • We are with you from the beginning to the end of the project, including the construction phase.

Details on Our Structural Engineering Design Services

Continue reading to learn about our company’s structural design and engineering services:
Services of Consultation in Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering specialists take the client’s needs into great consideration. They then provide detailed instructions on the construction’s technical characteristics and safety regulations. In addition, our consultants will help you through the proper processes for building rules and permits.

Evaluation of Structure
Our specialist staff assesses the impacts of loads on the building’s physical structure. These characteristics determine how the object will react to severe force, quick pressure, and high load. In this approach, several numerical algorithms and 3D analysis are used.
Service providers of structural design

After completing the structural analysis, our structural design architects begin visualizing the outside and interior of the building. Following that, designs and drawings are created and presented for approval. These foundations, beams, floors, walls, roof types, and materials indicated in the structural drawings were evaluated and analyzed using 3D models.

Construction and Structural Engineering Services
Our structural engineers will be with you until the very end. They collaborate with contractors and supervise construction workers on the project site. In addition, they study and revise construction designs as required and report their progress to the project management. At Sumer Innovations, our structural engineers collaborate closely with customers to develop concepts that can withstand real-world constraints. By providing your information, you may access our structural engineering design services. You may also email us, and we will respond to any structural design-related queries. Contact us for more information.


1. What methods of sustainable structural design and engineering does your company employ?
Our company hires competent structural engineers in the United States whose design concepts include sustainable solutions. These include reducing the on-site waste and energy consumption of the final product, applying renewable structural elements, maximizing the lifespan of the structure, and conserving the natural environment throughout the construction phase.
2. Does my home need a structural inspection?

If our professionals believe a survey is needed, they will advise you on the most suitable form. Generally, we do an examination before the design process. It enables us to inspect and document the structural shape of the property to acquire a greater understanding.

3. Are design architects and structural engineers interchangeable?

They have a strong friendship. A design architect is mainly concerned with the layout and design of a building. If the proposed drawings and/or plans are physically sound, the structural engineer then gives the go-ahead for construction.

4. Does your organization provide structural engineering design services?

Yes, we also provide architectural design for structural engineering. Contact us for further information.