Renovation is one of the biggest things any homeowner can do to protect their property. Whether you’re trying to keep out the elements or you’re worried about crime in your area: taking the time to safeguard your home against any threats is important.

Regardless of how old your property is: these are some renovation projects you should consider.

Adding Water Drainage For Your Lawn
One out of every seven homes in the United States is at risk of flooding within the next decade. Although you may live in an area that hasn’t flooded before, if your lawn gathers a lot of water, you should work on draining it now. Putting in in-ground drainage, and combining it with other steps like longer offshoots from your gutters or a rain garden to absorb the water, will protect you in the long run. 

Filling and Repairing Cracks in Concrete
Cracks in concrete aren’t good. Within one season of thawing and freezing again and again, a small crack can quickly grow massive. If there are roots under it, this problem can get many times worse until you have to completely replace your driveway or sidewalk. When in your front yard, check for any fine lines, and then consider filling cracks in concrete before the temperatures drop.

Replacing Your Doors and Updating Your Garage
Your doors need to be updated to keep you safe! Of course, this refers to the front and back doors of your home: but especially your garage door. These need to be replaced every ten to twenty years: and offer the highest return on investment of any home renovation. Updating your garage door gives you the chance to keep the items you store in it safer while also keeping the buffer of air between your home’s interior and exterior a little firmer, helping with temperature regulation. 

Increasing Security With Exterior Lighting
Exterior lighting is a fantastic way to add security to your home. People who might break into your home are less likely to try this if they feel like they’re going to be in the spotlight or if there’s a chance they could be noticed by a neighbor. If you want, you could even set up motion-detecting lights so they only come on if someone’s in their path. This can cut down on energy bills and give you a little security if you get home late at night.  Of course, it also makes your lawn and home look awesome after dark!

Updating Your Windows to Keep Them Sealed
Our windows are the way we see the world from inside our homes. They’re in charge of keeping temperature fluctuations and noise out and giving us privacy, so we feel safe at home. If you notice your windows are leaking air or that you’re struggling to keep your property’s heating and cooling at a constant temperature: it could be time to look into updating your window sash on a few of your windows. This is cheaper than a full replacement while still giving your property the seal it needs.

Replacing Your Older or Damaged Roof
How old is your roof? The average home’s roof can last for thirty to fifty years, only lasting longer if it’s made from composite roof materials. If you’re not sure how old your roof is, look at the shingles for clues. Older wood shingles will be looser, more likely to curl or discolor, and will allow leaks to start. 

Although you can get your roof repaired if it’s newer, if it’s over 25 years old and it’s often leaking, or if the shingles are curling: it’s time to replace it.

Adding Pavers for Outdoor Seating
Pavers are one of the best changes you can make to create a safer outdoor space. Not only does this make it better for creating areas like a fire pit, but you can also create safe and clear spaces for activities when outside. This will save you from your outdoor kitchen sinking into the mud or having to worry about your lawn flooding and ruining whatever equipment you have out there. You can also add ground pavers, which will make for a more attractive and finished look.

Update Your Siding and Add Insulation
If your siding is cracking, warping, discolored, or showing signs of age: it’s important to take the time to consider updating it. The older your siding is, the more likely you’ll have to deal with insect life, moisture, temperature fluctuations, and more making their way into your home. The good thing is that updating your siding and adding insulation will increase the value of your property and give you the chance to change the look of your home into something far more attractive. When updating your siding look into some good alternatives to vinyl siding such as fiber cement.

Every Property Could Use Some Positive Changes
Change is one of the most important things to allow your property to move forward. Take the time to complete some of these renovations to boost your home to the next level!

Todd Gillman is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on architecture. He lives in Land O’ Lakes, Florida where he enjoys spending time with his wife and researching architectural trends in his free time. Todd’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource.

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