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Commercial Design- Any Style

About Me

My passion for design came about when i was a child. My play time consisted of arts and crafts, playing house with my dolls, and building out my dream home.

Growing up my family couldn’t afford the new barbie dream house in malibu, so my aunt and i got creative and made it ourselves. Old sheets, towels, cardboard boxes, craft supplies, and an old dresser drawer. I made myself a ranch style home. It was the perfect size that fit right underneath my bed.

This sort of thing kept me entertained being the only child at the time. I knew i wanted to design clothes, spaces, and be an entertainer. Let’s just say i am about 2/3 of the way—haha

I always tell people anything creative can go hand in hand, it all tells a story. When i’m sewing it’s to dress the body of a human and when i’m constructing and designing it’s to dress the body of a structure.

I’ve worked on many projects ranging in hospitality, workspaces, and entertainment. While working my way through each project i always designed with my heart and put myself within the space mentally.

I am a passionate person with all that i do in life. Design is second nature to me. I am always up for a challenge that can continue to allow me to grow as a designer.